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Posted By Jaime on Mar 29th, 2011Hub Spot hosted a great webinar today with social media expert Dan Zarella on The Science of Timing, a primer on best practices for timing your emails, social media updates, and blog posts.

Dan has been conducting timing-based research over the past two years and compiled his knowledge into a wealth of tips and takeaways for marketers with questions like “When’s the best time to send that email? Here are some of the most useful takeaways we heard: Twitter & Facebook Timing Tips Retweet activity is heaviest between 2 – 5 PM (EST).

Blog Timing Tips Blog post pageviews are highest on Mondays.

Posting a blog on the weekend is your best bet for getting the most amount of comments.

There is no easier way to align yourself with our marketing efforts and easily share with your network of friends ...

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Program must create proxies in the format ip:port:username:password. I also must be able to choose the number of proxies generated.

How many other dating software providers out there have a piece of dating software that is not very easy to navigate through? There are also a lot of dating software providers that are ripping people off left and right. ABK-Soft (Abledating) is a dating software provider that has a very bad reputation of being full of bugs as well as never giving their customers their money back. There are a few dating software providers in Eastern Europe.

Weekends are the best time for sharing things on Facebook.Note that the list of references may not be complete.I want a proxy script/method that can make hundreds of proxies per server. The ping to Adidas, Nike, Supreme, and other footsites must be under 30ms faster the better (lower pings) I will be using amazon AWS is where ill use the proxies from.Many users have been contacting us here at the RMS Support reporting that they cannot log into RMS or that they are ... Powered by Kayako Fusion Help Desk Software How to use Social Media with your Cie Aura Business.

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