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The actress became, reportedly, the bane of Doherty's existence.While Milano was outspoken about their rocky relationship, sources at the time said Doherty was so fed up with her that she gave the network an ultimatum -- "it's her or me." And we know how that ended.Then: Belthazor, Cole Turner's demonic form, was portrayed by Michael Bailey Smith.In addition to playing the energy ball-hurling baddie-turned-goodie-turned-baddie, Smith also portrayed Shax, the wind demon who killed Prue, the first iteration of The Source in the season 3 finale, and he played a sight-stealing grimlock in two episodes throughout the series.Then: Remember Andy Trudeau, the inspector in love with Shannen Doherty's Prue, from back in the day?Chris Boyd ('21 Jump Street' TV series) was originally set for the role, but, once ' Charmed' was picked up to series, he bailed for unknown reasons.Now: You might have seen King on shows like ' Sex and the City' (he was Samantha's conquest who told her she had to shave her know), ' Law & Order: SVU' and ' Frasier,' or how about when he became a day-time soap star on ' General Hospital' and then on ' One Life to Live'?

Now: Gregory essentially disappeared from the spotlight, having only appeared randomly in shows like ' The Bad Girl's Guide,' ' The Bernie Mac Show' and ' Without A Trace.' His latest endeavor, ' Deceitful,' came out back in June as a straight-to-DVD release.

' Two and a Half Men,' ' The Hills Have Eyes,' ' Chuck,' ' Desperate Housewives' and ' Men in Black 2' are just a handful of movies and TV shows he's been featured in.

Smith's latest project, ' Blood Shot,' is a horror flick that sees him tackling the vampire look ... Then: Though Ted King's Andy Trudeau overshadowed him in ' Charmed' season 1, Dorian Gregory's Darryl became more prominent following King's departure.

Now: Milano is probably the most well known of the original ' Charmed' cast.

She's currently making the press rounds to promote her latest series, ABC's ' Mistresses,' but she also popped up in the movie ' New Year's Eve,' and TV shows like ' My Name Is Earl' and ' Romantically Challenged.' Then: Once Doherty exited, ' Charmed' needed a third sister to complete the "Power of Three," so ' Jawbreaker' actress Rose Mc Gowan was cast as the sisters' long-lost sibling, Paige Matthews, the half-white lighter (i.e.

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