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That’s exactly what we got in the Wednesday, November 15, episode, titled “Chapter Nineteen: Death Proof,” when Jughead took on the Ghoulies.Plus, Betty gained control of The Black Hood’s game, while Cheryl and Veronica […] Staying strong.So then in the 3rd season she returns, and she decides they can date but "non-exclusive, friends with benefits", but then she was playing games, and they argues alot.

They;re all good until the school shooting (season 3 episode 16 and 17) When Peyton gets shot and Lucas goes back into the school to save her! But they kind of pretend it didnt happen and dont tell Brooke. yet, all I've seen so far is Lucas into Peyton. But then Lucas' decides he wants Peyton, and then they start sneaking around, but then he gets in an accident and he breaks things off with Brooke, hoping to rekindle things with Peyton, but she sees how hurt Brooke is so she decides to end it with Lucas, but then Brooke finds out about what they did, and she cuts both Lucas and Peyton out of her life. But then in the second season, everybody start to date other people: Felix and Brooke, Jake and Peyton, and Lucas and Anna. I know Lucas/Peyton are endgame, but I was really intrigued by what i had heard about Brooke/Lucas and videos I had seen about them on You Tube... So Brooke and Lucas become an item but then Peyton tells Lucas that she wants all the things he wants, but he chooses Brooke.They dont get married but Season 6 (currently) they're still togethr and engaged! Sophia Anna Bush was born to parents Charles William Bush and Maureen Bush on July 8, 1982 in Pasadena, CA. Sophia graduated from Westridge High School - an all girls school - and moved on to study at USC.

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