Dating a man who just got out of prison

I am trying to make sense of the situation, understand it and make peace with it so that it can help me move on.There is no time limit on how long someone takes to get over someone.After he threw that friend line, he turned his back, and walked away waiving never turning back around.I went home in tears and explained to my mother what happened.She was so furious that she called him up and gave him a piece of her mind.After that he told his family to not talk to me and didnt want anything to do with me.I am confused, yes clearly the relationship is over but as to why is unclear.2 years is a long time to be emotionally involved with someone for it to just end so abruptly with such hatred. Why I am able to tell you that I am equipped to give you advice as to how to move on, it would be difficult to know what went on in his mind, without having conversation with him, so let us try.

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He was always telling me how no one was there for him and i did more than anyone did for him including his family who turned their back on him and friends did the same thing.He wants nothing to do with me, turned his back on me so easily and is living his life without me.I was the only one there for him and i got treated the worst. I thought i was close to his family but they cut me off just as cold and wouldnt help me get any closure.the advice i was looking for was anything that was obvious about what could have transpired to make him become so cold, something that i cannot see being that i am still emotionally involved and hurting over the betrayal.No where did it ever say that i was trying or wanted to get back with him.

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