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At some point in the early morning hours, according to published reports, Watson was in the passenger seat when shots rang out.

He was struck with multiple bullets (three shots to the head) and murdered in cold blood. said Watson was a light-heavyweight kickboxing champion.

Reports say Pegram died from “ 3) VICTIM: Nicole White, 26 HOW SHE DIED: Stomped, wrapped in a tarp and dumped In the summer of 2015, Crime Feed told you about the brutal murder of Nicole White.Police quickly began to piece the case together using messages from her phone to the person she was last seen with.Investigators eventually charged 35-year-old Dustin Kendrick with her brutal murder, and he was arrested at his mother’s house 14 hours after the woman’s body was found.About 24 hours after the killing, Wisner was arrested and charged with first-degree murder (among other charges).For years Wiesner maintained his innocence, even saying he would a jury would find him innocent.

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