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This relief and a number of others were found near Athens in the harbor of Piraeus, where they had been lost in a disaster, likely while awaiting shipment. It was appropriated from a scene depicting a battle between Greeks and Amazons found on the exterior of the shield accompanying the monumental cult statue of the goddess Athena. Art Institute of Chicago, The Human Figure in Greek and Roman Art: From the Permanent Collection, Part 2, Jan.

Created by the famous Greek sculptor Phidias, the statue stood inside the Parthenon on the Acropolis in Athens. Art Institute of Chicago, Sculpture from the Classical Collection, Sept.

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Harrison, “Two Pheidian Heads: Nike and Amazon," in The Eye of Greece: Studies in the Art of Athens, ed.

Fraser, “The ‘Capaneaus’ Relief of the Villa Albani,” in “Thirty-Eighth General Meeting of the Archaeological Institute of America,” American Journal of Archaeology 41, 1 (January–March 1937), p. Hans Schrader, “Kopien nach dem Schildrelief,” in Corolla Ludwig Curtius zum sechzigsten Geburtstag dargebracht, ed. One really keen advocate of a productive garden is Melbourne gardener Mark Dymiotis.Mark is a Greek Australian who was born in Cyprus and this is reflected in his garden.Here the warrior was lifted out of the circular composition of the shield and inserted into a rectangular panel that would have decorated a wall. Art Institute of Chicago, Myth and Legend in Classical Art, Feb. —Permanent collection and Google Art label , featuring art historical essays and conservation reports on artworks from the ancient Roman world in the Art Institute’s collection.

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