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How can teachers — and parents — help their students maintain an eagerness to go to school and to learn?To provide some insight, we contacted counselor Lisa Hinkelman, founder and executive director of the Dublin, Ohio-based girls’ empowerment program Ruling Our e Xperiences and author of “Girls Without Limits: Helping Girls Achieve Healthy Relationships, Academic Success, and Interpersonal Strength.” She addressed back-to-school challenges for both girls and boys, and talked about her extensive research into girls’ issues: Q: Tell us about your professional background and your interest in children’s education and development.Huge nerd, overly cynical, and hopelessly romantic (but not looking for a knight in shining armor)[email protected] what goes with dates/ i'd vote for brie/ rather who goes on/ i'd vote you with me// yes, if you're a feminist/ i think we should dine/ i'll tell you my interests/ and you'll tell me thine// in the form of a podcast/ will our vibes be inferred?

I'm looking for the partner in crime who can keep up while carving out the space that is uniquely ours. [email protected]:30M4F Atlanta/ fit dude looking for a girl who finishes her broccoli/lover of brunch, mini golf, and sunset handholding to name a few date ideas/ turn offs: cigarettes, butt selfies, and track suits/ turn ons: intellect, dancing when cleaning, and when you correct my grammar/ ig:caleb_rcd31M4F Atlanta. IG @feministdaydream27M4F Baltimore Comic artist with a day job looking for someone to watch The Fifth Element a few dozen times with.For girls, most say that the social environment of school is more difficult to navigate than the academic expectations.Girls report that dealing with “girl drama” and challenging friendships and relationships are of primary concern.It is creating school environments where students can grow emotionally and socially, where they get along with their classmates and where students know that their teachers and other adults within the school community genuinely care for them.When these things happen, students are likely to perform better behaviorally and academically.

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