Sex melayu america

As sexual reproduction developed by way of a long process of evolution, intermediates exist.

Bacteria, for instance, reproduce asexually, but undergo a process by which a part of the genetic material of an individual (donor) is transferred to an other (recipient).

Each cell in the offspring has half the chromosomes of the mother and half of the father.

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Chromosomes are passed on from one generation to the next in this process.

Some bacteria use conjugation to transfer genetic material between cells; while not the same as sexual reproduction, this also results in the mixture of genetic traits.

The defining characteristic of sexual reproduction in eukaryotes is the difference between the gametes and the binary nature of fertilization.

the origin of chromosomal sex determination may have been fairly early in eukaryotes (see Evolution of anisogamy).

The ZW sex-determination system is shared by birds, some fish and some crustaceans.

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