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Author and researcher, the late Philip Coppens, who visited Tenerife in 2009, investigated the matter for himself and had this to say on his website with regard to what the academics claim: The fact is that on one plaza between two pyramids, archaeologists dug down into the structure, but stopped at a level they equated with the 18th century – and which was between 50 and 150 centimetres deep.

From this, the mistaken conclusion was reached that they had dug down all the way to the bottom, and had realised the oldest layer was two centuries old. Heyerdahl, and those who believe the Guanches made the pyramids, have argued that the constructions are painstakingly designed with stepped levels and possible alignments made for ceremonial purposes, such as those that could have been carried out at the Summer Solstice.

A place where the sun sets free all the colors it collected in its journey across the sky, reflecting them in a sunset on the canvas of the sea.

Seldom do I think of the best hiking, or even the third-highest volcano in the world, 12,198 feet measured from the ocean floor, but Pico del Teide on Tenerife is all of this.

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It is also proposed that the pyramids were made in the 19th century because pottery said to be dating back to that time was found in excavations carried out by archaeologists from the University of La Laguna.

He theorized that they had been built at a time when people were traversing the oceans and that a link existed between the pyramid building cultures of Egypt and those of Central America.

He also thought it was possible that the Guanches, who lived on Tenerife before the Spanish Conquest, might have been responsible for building the pyramids.

The Guanches were a mystery because it had never been established how these white-skinned and fair-haired people came to be living on islands close to North Africa.

The explanation accepted by anthropologists is that these people were descended from the Berbers of North Africa, possibly from Libya.

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