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'But when you're under the influence, and with the life I lead...

And frankly I have lived most of my adult life that marriage was inevitably just around the corner.

After all, that’s how it seemed to happen for everyone else, right? And while I did so genuinely loving my life more than ever, I definitely entered my thirties sans husband and single. I’ve had plenty of times in my life when it wasn’t just Me Myself And I (and my dog).

If I'm intoxicated then I’m definitely going to need it.'This Morning's medical expert Doctor Robert Hicks warns that while Viagra is a very safe drug that can help many men and save marriages, taking any medication when it hasn't been prescribed by a doctor and isn't necessary comes with risks and side effects.'Having difficulty getting an erection is a very common problem when you're tired, stressed, under the influence of alcohol. 'But now when I take the tablets I can hear my heartbeat and I can feel palpitations,' he says.

For a young man with no serious problems, a healthy lifestyle, reducing stress and getting more sleep should provide a solution. 'Cut everything out – but what comes with my life and the industry I’m in – I have more female friends than male,' he confesses.

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