Updating ccr registration

Once approval is received, we advise the organization as to what specific resources and databases they should be utilizing to complete their specific reason for requiring or wanting to be registered in SAM to receive Federal Monetary Payments or Funding.

A dedicated CRS is assigned to all organizations for a 12 month period for assistance and guidance when needed and try to answer any question ever arising regarding Government Procurement.

Many Federal Awards require an organization to have at least 90 days validity when awarding a contract to an organization.

As the government does not produce anything themselves, they must purchase every part, supply and service that they need to operate.

To gain access to this sector, one must properly complete the SAM Registration for proper industry and size classification of their organization.

Organizations that fail to update necessary Entity Management Core Data will automatically be considered Non-Compliant.

Any lapse in the SAM registration may also place a hold on funds payable to your organization.

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