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But for those navigating today's dating pool, the currents may just have gotten rougher.No longer is it enough to share an interest in piña colada or getting caught in the rain—today's singles want to know whether potential partners are fit and how often they work out, among other personal details.Food has also become a concern; just under half the site's members want their partner to have a healthy diet, compared to 12 percent three years ago.And these are issues that relationship counselor Ian Kerner, who works with the site, thinks can cause more serious conflict in relationships than political or philosophical differences.But the argument was dismissed by the ASA who added: 'It was clearly marketed at vegetarians and vegans by references to vegetarians throughout, such as "Find your veggie dates," "Meet single vegetarian men and women", "a trusted UK vegetarian online dating agency", "all looking for relationships with other Vegetarians!Religion and social status have always been deal breakers in relationships.It's both scheduling conflicts and different value systems." Keep up with this story and more Vegans and vegetarians can get caught in worse dating dilemmas.For many vegetarians and almost all vegans, their distaste for meat runs much deeper than their taste buds; it's an outward expression of their ethical and moral beliefs about animal cruelty and responsible living. "If I don't have to contribute to cruelty in society and this world, I would like to abstain from that," he says.

"That can't be taken causally when entering into a relationship."Not surprisingly, a number of niche dating sites have popped up to respond to veggie dating demands."If somebody is for the environmental movement, they want to support it on all levels, even in their relationships," says Jill Crosby, the founder of Planet Earth Singles. While these niche sites do boost memberships in the thousands, they're nowhere near the size of dating goliaths like or e Harmony, and no site has come along to unify vegans the way JDate has done for Jewish singles."I know it sounds corny," says Paul Williams, a 35-year-old vegetarian in Atlantic City, N. "But basically I want to date someone with a good heart that can understand why I've chosen to be a vegetarian." Finding a woman to share tofu for two is even tougher when you're not near large urban centers that have an established vegetarian community and the restaurants and bookstores that often go with it."It's very difficult," says Williams of finding a vegetarian mate."I go to all the generic Web sites, like My Space and Plenty of Fish, and I was a paid member of e Harmony for a bit.

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