Widowed father dating daughter unhappy

You could also use the computer to research cultural, educational, social opportunities in your area. I see that your local town has an alternative health centre that offers all kinds of services.Take this one small step at a time: an appointment with your doctor, one or two phone calls to the friends with whom you feel most comfortable meeting up. I would recommend a massage, some yoga, and even some counselling or hypnotherapy for your phobias, something your GP might also help you with.I live in a large house in big grounds, and since my husband's death I have had to do an enormous amount of restoration and maintenance.I have learned so much in dealing with builders, making constant decisions and paying bills.My circle of friends and acquaintances has become much smaller.

I am 72-years-old, twice married and a widow of a few years. When my second husband died, I had over four years of difficult legal and financial problems because of his self-made will.Because of your social isolation, there is nobody around you to say, "This isn't normal, you need help". You are a coper, and I suspect that this is the face you present to the world. You have made a habit of managing major problems without help, and you have learned a lot, which is great and will stand you in good stead.What is not great is that this appearance of supreme self-sufficiency may have lost you friends.I feel that all the stress, loneliness and unhappiness has piled up on me.Although I entertained a lot when I was married, I think my biggest fault is that I am not a joiner.

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